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Our Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Beyond every grand spectacle lies a coven of creators, from the visionaries to the magicians, all weaving their strands of expertise into the tapestry of performance and entertainment. A symphony of creativity and excellence in the entertainment industry is not a solo performance but a celebration of diversity. In every one of our productions, the harmonious interplay of skilled managers and directors, each with their unique talents, gives rise to a magical experience.

At our company, we call them our "Core Members," an embodiment of our commitment to inclusivity in the entertainment world. They are the driving force behind our unparalleled success, ensuring that each event is handled with finesse and expertise. With them at the helm, you can immerse yourself in the enchantment of the moment, knowing that your cherished memories are in the hands of consummate professionals who understand the intricacies of the craft.



Our company offers top-tier entertainment services with the added benefit of comprehensive logistics support. We collaborate with in-house contractors to provide complete lighting setups, sound kits, and portable stages to produce a truly professional event.

Our team consists of experienced producers and coordinators who possess the skills to predict potential issues, as well as an impressive track record of delivering exceptional client services. Prior to the event, we'll meet with you to learn about your vision and collaborate with you to make it a reality. Our team will manage all the necessary preparations and ensure a seamless event experience.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just the performers on stage. We take pride in our work behind the scenes to create a memorable event for all.

Meet The In-House Team!

Here is a look at the CORE MEMBERS of the Connect 4 Events and Entertainment team that will help make your event unforgettable!


Princess Wallace

President & CEO


CEO and Founder of Connect 4 Events & Entertainment, Princess Wallace has been performing across the U.S. as a singer, dancer, choreographer and has grown the company from a small, two person operation to one of the biggest entertainment companies in the region.



HR-Manager-Actor- Teche-Impersonator-Constructor 

Wallace is our 'In House' master of construction, He does all of our big builds, people all over the U.S. call us for his designs. Wallace is also the lead of connect4 construction, with raving reviews and connections with company's like Colorado Sewer and many venues all around Colorado.

holly headshot_edited.jpg


Operations Manager-Singer-Game Wizard-DJ-Dancer-Actress

HollyMae is without a doubt a shining vocalist star in the C4E2 stables! She has been performing as a professional for several years, and understands the hard work and determination to present a top notch show. 


Spencer DeJaynes


If you're looking for a DJ and Dancer extraordinaire, you've come to the right place. Spencer DeJaynes, like his sister has been performing since a very young age, and is one of the most dynamic dancers in the U.S.,

having performed on "So You Think You Can Dance?" and all over the U.S.


Markie Bryant

Marketing Director-DJ

Meet Markie, our marketing director who is an exceptional individual who has made significant contributions to the success of our company. She has a deep understanding of the industry and has a proven track record of developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies that have helped our company to grow and thrive. Her creativity and strategic thinking have been instrumental in launching successful marketing campaigns AND DJing


Diamond DeJaynes


Diamond was simply born to be a performer. She has been dancing and performing before live audiences since a very young. She already has more years under her performing than more seasoned dancers and performers. She is a part of many of the regularly scheduled events and is absolutely beloved at the many children's shows we do.

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