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Our Performers

The heart of Connect 4 Events and Entertainment is our people. Our performers, our staff, our coordinators. They ​are the most talented at their jobs in the U.S., and certainly in Colorado.  They have years of experience entertaining audiences onstage, and, just as important, working with clients offstage to ensure that their experience will be the best available, anywhere.

Connect 4 Events Entertainment is dedicated to providing the best talent Colorado has to offer. Our talented performers are skilled in a wide variety of areas. We are proud to offer vocalists that can accommodate any musical style, from Disney, to Rock, to Opera, and everything in between.

At our company, we take great pride in the quality of our performers.


We believe that by training our performers in house, we can ensure that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver the best possible performance every time. Our training programs covers everything from basic performance techniques to more advanced skills like improvisation and audience interaction.


We also focus heavily on safety, ensuring that our performers know how to handle themselves in any situation and that they are always looking out for the safety of our guests. In addition, our in-house training program allows us to maintain a high level of consistency across all of our performances. No matter where you see one of our shows, you can be sure that you'll get the same high-quality performance every time.

Our dancers is what initially brought us national prominence, and over the years we have amassed an incredible group of dancers that can bring out the Stomp, the hip hop, the ballet, we even offer Can-Can dancers and Las Vegas style showgirls. Check out our "World of Dance" shows, and you'll get an idea of just how diverse group of dancers we can provide.

Our dancers and singers have performed on stages from New York to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. But it's not just our singers and dancers that will impress. Connect 4 Events and Entertainment also boasts an impressive variety of Emcee's, DJ's, Hosts, Comedians, and character actors. In short, we can provide you with ANY of your entertainment needs from our stable of incredibly talented performers.


All of our performers are professional, experienced, and well-versed in client and customer interactions. Whatever you need for your event, Connect 4 Events has professional performers that will do the job exceptionally. 

Our In Company performers

Here is a look at the many professionally trained In Company performers of the Connect 4 Events and Entertainment team that will help make your event unforgettable! If you have any artist here that catches your eye, don't be afraid to request them in your submission form! 


Princess Wallace

President & CEO


Introducing Princess Wallace: CEO, Founder, and Creative Mastermind of Connect 4 Events & Entertainment
As a singer, dancer and choreographer, master seamstress, actress, producer, comedian, designer, ECT. Princess Wallace has performed across the United States as the Woman Who Wears Many Hats. With her leadership, the company has grown from a humble two-person operation to one of the most successful entertainment companies in the region. Beyond her role as CEO, Princess is also a dedicated in-house teacher, working to advance the company's culture.
Her commitment to using her platform for good sets her apart from other performers and makes her a true mastermind.


Spencer DeJaynes


Spencer DeJaynes is the ultimate DJ and dancer you've been searching for. He has been performing as a professional since a very young age! He is one of the most dynamic dancers in the U.S and has even made it to the final four on "America's Best Dance Crew" at just the age of 12. He currently performs in venues all across the country. With years of experience, Spencer has become a seasoned professional who is known for his electrifying performances that always leave the audience wanting more. Request him now for an unforgettable event!



HR-Manager-Actor- Teche-Impersonator-Constructor 

Wallace is our 'In House' master of construction, He does all of our big builds, people all over the U.S. call us for his designs. Wallace is also the lead of connect4 construction, with raving reviews and connections with company's like Colorado Sewer and many venues all around Colorado. Wallace's expertise in construction is unparalleled, and his attention to detail is second to none. He has a keen eye for design and is always up for a challenge.

holly headshot_edited.jpg


Operations Manager-Singer- Game Wizard-Dancer- DJ- Actress

HollyMae is undeniably one of the brightest stars in C4E2's roster of talented performers. With several years of experience as a professional, she knows what it takes to deliver a top-notch show. Not only is she a talented singer, but she's also an adaptable performer, songwriter, face painter, stilt walker, and more. Her dedication and passion for her craft continue to make waves and inspire others to follow their dreams.


Chris Gallegos


With a wealth of experience as a news producer and reporter, Chris Gallegos has brought his talents to a wide variety of live shows offered by C4E2. As a staple of the organization, Chris is known for his outstanding singing abilities and for being one of the Top Improve Artists in the state. Chris also has over 20 years of experience as an improviser, host, and Emcee. His impressive skills as a performer have earned him numerous accolades and a well-deserved reputation as a top-notch artist. Chris's ability to engage with audiences and think on his feet make him a standout in the industry.


Melissa Trader

Dancer-Performer-Teacher-Actress-Stunt Artist

Melissa Trader, one of the lead dancers at C4E2, is a valuable asset to the troupe, thanks to her wealth of experience and expertise. With a diverse background in multiple dance styles and gymnastics, Melissa plays a crucial role in motivating the team and ensuring the seamless execution of our events, including the ability to perform many choreographed routines. Her excellent instructional skills and broad knowledge of the dance world make her an unparalleled performer and professional.


Diamond DeJaynes

Dancer-DJ-Emcee-Actor-Performer- Game Wizard

Diamond has been a gifted performer since childhood, with a natural talent for captivating audiences with her dancing and stage presence. She quickly gained popularity performing at various events. Leaving a lasting impression with her energetic and charismatic personality. Today, after years of honing her craft, she has more experience than most seasoned performers. As a regular at many events, she is particularly beloved by children and is a cherished member of our performance team.


Devyn Cottrell 

Dancer-Actor-Balloon Twister-Performer

Devyn is a natural bundle of talent! Her dancing prowess has dazzled crowds for ages, and her high-octane performances are a real show-stopper. Her energy and passion are simply contagious, leaving everyone in awe of her amazing moves. It's like she was born to perform! Devyn's talents don't just stop at dancing. She's also an incredible fitness instructor, balloon twister, Stilt walker... ECT... Her ability to connect with her fans is unparalleled, making every performance a truly special experience.


Alyssa Stongle

Dancer-Actor-Impersonator-Performer-Film teche

Unmistakably known as the ICE QUEEN herself, Alyssa Stongle is a seasoned actress and performer most commonly seen as jaw dropping Queen Elsa. Her ability to impersonate an array of characters - including Princess Poppy, Queen Elsa, Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe - have earned her the title of "Impersonator of the Year" award for 2023 and a loyal following of fans. With her piercing blue eyes, graceful movements, and powerful expressions, Alyssa brings a magical quality to the stage that is simply unforgettable. Beyond her work as an actress, Alyssa is also an exceptional dancer with Connect4 Events, making herself adaptable to fit the every changing world of entertainment.



Show Lead-Dancer-Actor-Impersonator-Performer-Producer-Recording Artist

Introducing Deangelo – Recording Producer, Singer, Dancer, and Actor Extraordinaire of Connect4 Events. His List of talent doesn’t end there, in addition to his musical abilities he has performed at various events, captivating audiences with his soulful voice and engaging stage presence.

DeAngelo's dedication and enthusiasm to consistently achieve excellent results make him an asset to Connect4 Events and our clients.


Ron Vigil


Formally and notoriously known as The Shag Man from the Rockey's Autos commercials in Colorado, Ron Vigil is a wonderous addition to the Connect4 Events team. With years of experience in Impersonations, production, and acting; Ron brings a unique perspective to the team. His attention to detail and ability to think on his feet have made him a valuable asset in executing successful events. Ron's passion for creating memorable experiences for attendees is contagious, and his enthusiasm is felt by everyone he works with.


Chase Reed-Box

Cirque-Performer-Poi Spinner

Meet Chase R, the captivating performer whom adds a very special aptitude to Connect4 Events. Specializing in Poi spinning and Cirque Acts Chase captivates a crowd every time he takes the stage.

Just like Connect4 Event's other talented performers Chase's talents don't stop there. He is also an accomplished musician and composer who exhibits great pride in his artistry. 

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 12.03_edited.jpg

Kimberley Campbell

Seamstress-Stilt Walker-Performer-Professional Organizer- Caterer

Accompanying many events as a hard and determined worker is Kimberley. Kimberley's wide range of skills and experience makes her an indispensable member of the team and she exhibits impressive organizational adaptability. She specializes in sewing, cleaning, catering, organizing, stilt walking and more. Her professionalism, hard work and dedication make her and asset to our event planning team.



Scheduling Advisor-Caterer-Performer

Jula has been a master of cyber programming for years. Her passion and work ethic have made her an invaluable member of the Connect4 Events team. In addition to her excellent event coordination skills, Jula's coding and programming knowledge has been critical in streamlining C4E2 business operations.


Michael Hoover


Introducing Michael Hoover, a multi-talented dancer with a wealth of experience. Michael's exceptional skills bring a stunning display to each and every performance he participates in. Michael's experience includes performing with renowned dance companies and choreographers, as well as starring in music videos and commercials. He has also taught master classes and workshops, sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring dancers. Catch Michael Hoover's performances with Connect4 Events, especially as one of our skilled partner dancers.

FullSizeRender (1)_edited.jpg

Taylor Stienmark

Dancer-Performer-Stunt Artist

Introducing Taylor Stienmark, 

Taylor Stienmark has been an exceptional dancer at Connect4 Events for more than 8 years. Her incredible stunt work, cheerleading experience, and versatile dancing skills make her an outstanding performer.

Taylor's dedication to her craft is apparent in every performance she gives. She always brings her A-game, whether she is performing in front of a small crowd or a packed stadium. Her hard work and commitment have not gone unnoticed.

"All good performance pieces have some philosophical validity. That's the diffference between theater and performance art."

- Jack Bowman

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