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Welcome to the Connect 4 Events Podcast!

The "C4You" Podcast provides you a behind the scenes look into the world of entertainment

Finally, a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the world of entertainment, music, comedy, and the Performer Life in Denver. Each episode will be full of fun, laughter, interesting stories and interviews as Connect4Events brings in some of the biggest names in Colorado entertainment, and offers advice and insight to those looking to make a career as a performing artist. 

Hosted by one of Colorado's most accomplished performers alongside a longtime Colorado journalist, the Connect4You podcast is sure to bring you hours of joy as we move ahead with this amazing program. Make sure to check in often to see what's new and what amazing stories await you!

Your Hosts:


Princess Wallace is the Owner of Connect4Events and has been performing since a very young age. She has performed all over the world and has continues to sing and dance for dignitaries all over the U.S. C4E is her passion, as is her love of music and dance!

C4You Episode 1

Welcome to the premier episode of the Connect4You Podcast! Hosts Princess and Chris are joined Spencer DeJaynes, a dancer in the C4E troupe and a YouTube sensation. They discuss what it was like growing up as the child of a successful performer and swap some horror stories of gigs that didn't go exactly as planned.

C4You Episode 2

Hosts Princess and Chris discuss the lengths that performers must go through to remain on top of their game and Princess offers some advice to aspiring actresses and singers in order to make their auditions a home run!

C4You Episode 3

Hosts Princess and Chris, along with Spencer DeJaynes discuss the benefits of starting in the arts at a young age, and Chris spends some time reflecting on his time as a talk radio producer and covering the JonBenet mystery.

C4You Episode 4

Hosts Princess and Chris are joined by Spencer DeJaynes to talk music, what is music? What are the new forms of music that are taking the world of entertainment by storm. Also, why letting the artist help make the decisions on what might be most entertaining for the audience, instead of simply letting the client make the decisions.


Chris Gallegos is a performer and producer for C4E, but before he dove into the world of performing, he was a longtime journalist in Denver, having worked for KOA Radio, the Denver Post, KUSA, as well as other outlets nationally. He loves music and can be seen singing for C4E at many events across the Front Range.

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