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C4E2 Specialties

Customizable Productions

Unique Professionally Written Shows

Our team of professional designers, writers, producers, directors, coordinators, and more are always ready to create a bespoke show that perfectly suits your needs. Unleash your creativity and let us handle the rest!

If You Can Dream It,
We Can Create It.

The only limitation is your imagination! 

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Licensed Professionals

Princess Wallace for over 25 years has gathered an elite team of seasoned, Emmy winning, outstanding professionals. Our team is dedicated to leave you stress free. No stress of a thousand contacts, we are the one stop shop. Here to provide you EVERYTHING YOU NEED & WANT.

Friendly Step By Step

Talk to one of our professionals and entice yourself on the journey of a step by step painless process to the creation of your dream event.

24/7 Support

Providing Clients with Unmatched Support and Seamless Direction, our team is always ready to address your questions and concerns! We're dedicated to delivering unparalleled support and ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

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Made-To-Order Functionality

We believe that every event is special. From the initial consultation to the final execution, our team is dedicated to tailoring your event to your specific needs and desires. We're here to help you perfect and customize your vision.



Connect4 Events is the ONLY entertainment company in Colorado that can provide you not only with Dancers, DJ's, Emcee's, and comedians, but ALSO with some of the best singers in the state. Our singers are versatile and can sing a wide, WIDE variety of music. Musical numbers to rock n roll, country to ballads, crooners you name it. We have a singer that will fit your theme.

Many of our singers already come with a number of our pre-produced shows, but they can be booked individually for your event as well. All of our singers have performed on stages across the country and can even be heard locally (when they're not singing at an event). 


Our singers are available for holiday shows, special and corporate events. Want a Vegas style show or to rock a little harder? We have singing telegrams, Dou's and Trios at any time of the year that can make anything happen. We offer carolers all year long EVEN for the Christmas in July. Book our singers today!

DJ Services

When it comes to DJ services in Colorado, Connect 4 Events & Entertainment is your top choice. We offer a comprehensive music experience that caters to your event's needs. Our DJs go beyond spinning your favorite tracks – they also provide a complete experience.

Our team of experienced DJs has provided hundreds of hours of music at various events, giving them the ability to read the room and intuitively play the perfect tracks at the right moment to take your event to the next level.

But that's not all! Our DJs are not confined to the booth. They lead games for kids of all ages, line dances, and create the perfect vibe for any occasion.

We cater to all kinds of events, whether you're looking for a refined corporate feel or a thumping party atmosphere. We have the equipment; including sound systems, lighting setups, boards, tables, and even a stage if necessary, to make your event a success.

Our DJ services are priced based on the length of the event, equipment required, and level of event interaction. Our DJs are also experienced hosts, so you can rest assured that your event will be in good hands.

Don't settle for anything less than the best! Contact us today for a price quote and let us help you make your event unforgettable.



Connect4 Events has the Largest and Most Talented Team of Dancers in the Region.
Connect 4 Events has a team of professional and diverse dancers, capable of performing a variety of styles, including Swing, Step, Ballroom, and more. Our choreographers have even worked alongside legendary performers such as Michael Jackson.

Our dancers can be booked individually or as part of a group, with customized performances available for any occasion. Our holiday and event-specific dances are a hit, including our crowd-pleasing "Thriller" flash mob.

All of our dancers are professionally trained, and our shows come with a DJ and full setup. Pricing for our dancers depends on the type and duration of the event, while our in-house shows are pre-priced. If you don't see the show or dance style you're looking for, contact us for a custom experience. Click HERE to get in touch with us today!

Corporate Casinos!

Have you ever wanted to gamble and not loose a bunch of your money in the process? This is EXACTLY what our Corporate Casino Party Nights are for!

Our large scale and expanding team of casino dealers offer unbeatable service in games like Black Jack, Texas Hold'em, Roulette, CRAPS, and more.

Tell us the games you and your guests would like to play, tell us how many patrons will be at your event, and allow us to do the rest!

Each Patron starts out the night with a $5,000 Chip! They will get to enjoy the night and spend that $5,000 how ever they please, keeping in mind that prizes will be given to big gambling winners by the end of the night. This can be done with your classic raffle ticket draw or a top 3 winner prize slot!

Each casino event most commonly comes with a seasoned DJ & Emcee for your casino party to be seamless.

A perfect choice for your upcoming business holiday party, Gayla, Mitzvah, Birthday Party, Quinceanera's, Business Convention... You name it! 

Let us help you make your event the best it can possibly be. For a price quote, simply contact us and tell us what you need. PRICES VARY based off of our 3 levels of casino bundles. 

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