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C4E2 READY TO GO Produced Shows

Along with providing some of the best individual talent for events across Colorado, Connect 4 Events has also created a number of in-house produced shows. These shows are rehearsed, crafted, and can be tweaked to fit into nearly any venue and for any event. Our shows feature talented actors, singers, dancers, emcee's, or DJ's. 

Pricing for each show can be adjusted to fit your budget depending on your specific needs. If you have an idea for a show you'd like performed at your event, simply give us a call and we'll dip into our deep talent pool to make it happen for you! And keep checking back, because we're always dreaming up new shows to entertain you with!

Decades of Dance 

One of our most popular shows! It's a rousing romp of differing dance styles stretching back 100 years! 


1910’s! Can Can dancers 

1920’s the Charleston

1930’s Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers 

1940’s bring on the Swing!

1950’s Grease medley 

1960’s Do the Hustle!

1970’s Disco at its best

1980’s MJ Thriller

1990’s Will Smith 

2000’s  *NSYNC

2010’s Brittney 

End the show in the future Matrix style 

Lots of costume changes and lots of fun 45 min show!



This is a family show about a little girl named Lucy that asks her fairy godmother to bring her toys to life. With each toy she learns a valuable life lesson about friendship. This is a delightful show for all the ages and for all time. There's amazing dancing of all styles and singing. It's an interactive show that is about 45 min long. Pricing depends on how many cast members that are required.


The Princess Show


Another one of our most popular shows!We've performed this show all over Colorado and across the U.S. A family friendly show, The Princess Show features many of the Princess's you and your family know and love. From Queen Elsa, to Moana, our dancers wear elegant costumes and sing and dance with anyone who wants to get up and dance!

Games, music, storytelling, it's everything you could ever want in a show that is guaranteed to wow your family!

Arabian Nights


45 min show of Bollywood Dancing intermixed with Belly dancing, and middle eastern flare. There are 4 beautiful dancers in very brightly colored beautiful costumes that add to the majestic art of the dance.

Wild Wild West Show


This show consists of 8 dancers and 2 of them sing in the show. This show can be up to 2 hours long in length. If it's a two hour show then there are 2 comedians added tot he cast. Very fun active lively show. The dancing in this show is second to none. It shows western style dance with a flare of hip hop thrown in. The price of this show depends on cast members.

Fondue Fairytales at the Melting Pot in Littleton CO.


One of our most popular shows! We've performed this show all over Colorado and across the U.S. A family friendly show, The Princess Show features many of the Princess's you and your family know and love. From Queen Elsa, to Moana, our dancers wear elegant costumes and sing and dance with anyone who wants to get up and dance! Always followed with Fondue, Games, music, storytelling, it's everything you could ever want in a show that is guaranteed to wow your family!

BirdBox Show

You've seen the movie, now experience it for real! This is a fun show that can be played at any event, or it's also great for team-building activities. You and your partner have to navigate an obstacle course, and retrieve an item at the other end. But only one of the two can see, because the other is blindfolded. It's great fun and appropriate for children of all ages!

Clue Show

We have the most amazing Clue Game Characters that look and dress just like the game portrayed them to be! All of our Players are professional Improv artists and Walk around characters with years of experience. Each character can tell you all about their entire lives and some fun facts about the others. There's always a mystery and lots of fun!

Can can show

For the Can can show which is two can can numbers and usually some singing which runs between 15-20min The can can people are very well versed in all dance so adding a country swing in or clogging isn't an issue. We also do a couple old time western numbers that are sung accapella which even if they do have a country one man band singer it's nice to hear a 1.5 minute accapella 4 part harmony old time song to add to the festivities if it seems appropriate. There's all kinds of options when you have dancers that can sing and dance all types of styles! 

Kids Running

Murder Mysteries

We have over 250 murder mystery‘s to choose from! So if you have a theme of 1920s we got a murder mystery that happens at the Jasper club,  that Gin joint that you must know the secret password to get in! The patrons find random clues throughout different rooms or one room depending on your preference of location, they solve the mystery together in small groups. The Mystery players put on scenes throughout the evening dropping clues so they can solve the mystery! 

Game Show

Our emcee will have games all night long for your event. Including Battle of the Sexes,Name That Tune, Family Feud, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Quick trivia. Then of course there's the active games if so chosen Frozen T's, The Tie game, Shoes, Dancing With the Stars, American Idol, Tug o War, Three legged Race, Relay Race, Frisbee Golf, Water Fall, Water Balloon Toss, Broom Ball, Scavenger Hunt, Musical Dots, and so many more... This is great for any event where you want to have a great interactive fun time.

007 show

Doing a Casino Royal or 007 event with the gambling tables but it just doesn’t seem enough. This show is your answer! We have the Las Vegas Show girls in fabulous costumes around the tables having random conversations with the guests. We have a dealer set at one of the tables that’s really smuggling illegal art work into the country. We have 007 casually playing the games to find who he’s after. Then there’s the girl who had just to much to drink but is there to kill the spy. It’s a fun series of events through the night ending in a choreographed fight scene with one of the guests being the hero along with of course 007! This show adds excitement and thrills to your evening and makes your event larger than life! 

Spy Games

Speaking of Bond, we want to train you to be a spy! How good are you at walking into a room and noticing every detail? Did you see the woman in the room against the wall? Or the server that just doesn’t act quite right? Do you enjoy solving puzzles and the thrill of the hunt? We can tailor this show as a team building project, or just a fun, interactive game at your event. Come learn how to be the best spy you can be!

SNL Improv

Fun skits done with an Improv flare! We have an audience host that can be pre picked or volunteered at the beginning of the show. We can write the show so it is personalized to your event and people! It’s non stop laughter and a show you will never forget! very detail?

Game Improv


Are you a fan of crazy? The fun? Do you like "Who's Line is it Anyway?" If so you're in luck. Connect 4 Events can perform an improv show that will have you rolling in the aisles. Featuring seasoned improvisers who have been making audiences laugh across the U.S. and in Denver for 20 years. We can also personalize the show to your event and people! It’s non stop laughter and a show you will never forget!

Veterans tribute show


With two of the top singers in the State singing Patriotic songs and honoring America with some of the best songs representing our history. In between the songs they throw in some America Trivia making the show a fun interactive delight for all ages. Take a trip back in time and sing a long.

Outdoor Games

Battle of the Sexes 

This is a team game that is 45 min long that consists of three very fun games with in itself! 

The first section is trivia that the other sex would know! Next up Family Feud then Name that tune! Throughout the game each team has a chance to earn extra points with little challenges. This is always a hit! It never fails. Can also be played with two teams that would not be just men against women. 

The Super Hero Show / Super Hero's VS Villians

An epic LIVE ACTION  battle between the legendary champions and notorious villains of the multiverse unfolds before a live audience, woven with a symphony of dance, music, and exhilarating combat. Behold, as the saga unfolds, featuring the likes of the valiant Black Panther, the intrepid Captain Marvel, and the cosmic Star Lord, locking horns with the cunning Harley Quinn, the alluring Poison Ivy, and the elusive Cat woman. The ultimate DC and Marvel clash you've been waiting for is finally here! A clash of titans that the people have been yearning for since time immemorial.

Get ready to design your dream show with endless possibilities! Whether you want a roving performer to groove with the guests, accompanied by a DJ, or a full-blown production that'll leave the audience spellbound, we've got you covered. With our customizable options, you can have it all!

Trolls Show FlyerSlick.png

The Lego Show 

A family friendly interactive show with a plectra of games that are fit for kids and adults of all ages! Compete in a series of these games with your team members to earn LEGOS for your group. By the end of this show, not only will your team feel closer with each other, but you'll have a wonderful lego statue to show for all of your hard work.

The Trolls Show 

A live action performance of the lovely and moving story we all know of the Trolls. Featuring your favorite trolls like Princess poppy, Branch, and more. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE BERGENS THOUGH! Because they will ALSO be there. Get ready to Sing, Dance, and watch in AWE as the trolls spread their musical happiness just as they always have. 

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