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Connect 4 Events has simply the largest and most talented team of dancers anywhere in the region! ​Our dancers are also among the most diverse group of dancers, able to dance everything from Swing, to Step, to Ballroom and everything in between. Our choreographers have worked with some of the best in the biz, including Michael Jackson on Tour. Don't forget our seasonal dances either. We have created dances specifically for holidays and events of all kinds. Want a flash mob of dancers doing MJ's "Thriller?" Well you've come to the right place!

Our crew can be booked individually for events, or you can book one of our shows featuring different styles of dancing. All of our dancers are professionally trained and can meet the needs of your event without a doubt.  Browse some of the shows we produce in-house, and remember, all of our dancers and shows come with a DJ and full setup. Pricing for our dancers depends on the type and duration of the specific event. Our in-house shows are pre-priced, simply ask for a price quote.

if you desire a specific kind of show or style of dance you don't see listed, simply contact us and we'll make it happen for you. You can reach us simply by clicking HERE!

Decades of Dance 

One of our most popular shows! It's a rousing romp of differing dance styles stretching back 100 years! 


1910’s! Can Can dancers 

1920’s the Charleston

1930’s Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers 

1940’s bring on the Swing!

1950’s Grease medley 

1960’s Do the Hustle!

1970’s Disco at its best

1980’s MJ Thriller

1990’s Will Smith 

2000’s  *NSYNC

2010’s Brittney 

End the show in the future Matrix style 

Lots of costume changes and lots of fun 45 min show!



This is a family show about a little girl named Lucy that asks her fairy godmother to bring her toys to life. With each toy she learns a valuable life lesson about friendship. This is a delightful show for all the ages and for all time. There's amazing dancing of all styles and singing. It's an interactive show that is about 45 min long. Pricing depends on how many cast members that are required.


The Princess Show


Another one of our most popular shows!We've performed this show all over Colorado and across the U.S. A family friendly show, The Princess Show features many of the Princess's you and your family know and love. From Queen Elsa, to Moana, our dancers wear elegant costumes and sing and dance with anyone who wants to get up and dance!

Games, music, storytelling, it's everything you could ever want in a show that is guaranteed to wow your family!

Arabian Nights


45 min show of Bollywood Dancing intermixed with Belly dancing, and middle eastern flare. There are 4 beautiful dancers in very brightly colored beautiful costumes that add to the majestic art of the dance.

Wild Wild West Show


This show consists of 8 dancers and 2 of them sing in the show. This show can be up to 2 hours long in length. If it's a two hour show then there are 2 comedians added tot he cast. Very fun active lively show. The dancing in this show is second to none. It shows western style dance with a flare of hip hop thrown in. The price of this show depends on cast members.

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