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Sketching a Dress

Meet The MasterMind

Princess Wallace, CEO and President of Connect4 Events & Entertainment, Has been in doing entertainment since she was only 5 years old! With the creation of C4E2 Princess has been perfecting and providing her skills of Event planning, Problem solving, Management, Dancing, Singing, Acting, Teaching, Cosmetology, a Master seamstress, a Professional Emcee, An Emmy winner Corporate organization, Décor, Catering, Modeling, Design, and SO MUCH MORE to patrons all over the world!

Here's a few examples of events that Princess Wallace has designed, coordinated, and managed:

- The Michael Jackson Tour out of New York: Choreography, marketing, show dates, travel arrangements, bookings, hair and makeup design, ticket sales, stage designs.

- Orchard Town Center: Holiday shows and décor (both indoor and outdoor), grand openings, season kickoffs, concert series, emcee, show designs, marketing, staff, tech for stages, 

- City of Fort Lupton: July 4th city celebrations, event designs and staffing, vendor setup, volunteer work, timelines, concession arrangements, Holder of city meetings, press releases...ext.

- Sturgis Pit Stop Rally's: Outdoor event designs, staffing, entertainment, scheduling, bar services, tenting, catering, security, Harley dealer rep meetings, competitions, and racing.

- Littleton & Louisville Melting Pot: Handle of all entertainment, produce & direct all shows, hire all talent, make and design all costumes, the lead of the nation for 'Fondue Fairytales"... ext.

All of which qualifies Princess as an event decorator outstandingly responsible for the physical appearance and overall atmosphere of an event. Including everything from selecting the right color scheme and decorations to setting up furniture, managing the layout of the event space, Event planning, and amazing creativity. 

Our Most Sought-After Designs

painted backdrop a.i.w.
Queens room a.i.w.
Drink me a.i.w.
cake n characters a.i.w
rose fence a.i.w.
Caterpillar lair a.i.w.

Alice In Wonderland

Vase of Flowers
lighted wedding curtain
Wedding Decor
Wedding Arch ex_
Table Girl Diamond (Wedding Dress)
Wedding Cake & Floral
wedding drape
wedding floral
Wedding Altar

Wedding Decor


V.I.P backdrop
Ballroom backdrop
Floral Scenery backdrop
Add a Title
palmtree paradise backdrop
roomchangers backdrops_edited
Winterwonderland backdrops_edited
spooky backdrop
reaistic street backdrop

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Recreation

Friends booth front view
Friends booth side view
Friends Selfie Station
Friends ft. Spencer DeJaynes
friends last_edited
Hawaiian bar_edited_edited
floral vignette
Stage decor
christmas vignette
luau getaway
linens and dancefloors
jungle trolls backdrops

Honorable Mentions

How to Get Your Project Started!

Fill out our contact form - Talk to our Designer - Schedule a walkthrough - And approve of your design with our ONE OF A KIND "Décor Diagrams"

A "Décor Diagram" is a detailed Layout of the space you'd like to be decorated, complete with pictures, explanations, and important details! This allows our costumers to be in full communication and agreeance with the designer! Here's an example:

Hollywood Entrance diagram ex..jpg
Friends diagram ex..jpg
diagram ex.jpg





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